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Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000

Purpose And Plan Of Volume II Of The Treasury Financial Manual (TFM)

Volume II issues instructions and guidance to Federal Reserve Banks (FRBs) and their branches. It sets forth policies and procedures to follow in the areas of deposits and charges to Treasury’s General Account, reporting requirements for Treasury’s General Account, Treasury checks, FedLine®, and other fiscal agency matters.

Section 1010—Introduction

The TFM is the Department of the Treasury’s (Treasury’s) official publication of policies, procedures, and instructions concerning financial management in the federal government. It is intended to promote the government’s financial integrity and operational efficiency.

See the About TFM section on our website for more information.

Section 1015—Authority

The Secretary of the Treasury under Section 15 of the Federal Reserve Act, as amended (12 U.S.C. 391), is authorized to require the FRBs to act as depositaries and fiscal agents of the United States and may prescribe regulations in connection with these responsibilities.

Section 1020—Composition of Volume II

Volume II is divided into the following parts:

  • Part 1: Introduction—Describes the Purpose and Plan of Volume II.
  • Part 2: Processing Deposits to Treasury’s General Account—Includes procedures for processing deposits and charges to Treasury’s General Account.
  • Part 4: Processing Charges to Treasury’s General Account—Includes procedures for processing various types of charges.
  • Part 5: Reporting Requirements for Treasury’s General Account—Describes the reporting procedures for Treasury’s General Account.
  • Part 6: Accounting and Reporting for Gold Certificates—Includes procedures for issuing and redeeming Gold Certificates, for custody of Gold Certificates, and for maintaining the Gold Custody Account.
  • Part 7: Issuing of Treasury Checks by FRBs—Includes procedures for an FRB acting as a federal agency when issuing Treasury checks and maintaining a checking account with the U.S. Treasury.
  • Part 8: Other Fiscal Agency Matters—Includes procedures and forms to be used by FRBs for fiscal agency matters that require special instructions not covered in other parts of Volume II.

Section 1025—Types of TFM Releases

The TFM is comprised of the following types of releases:

  • Chapters,
  • Bulletins,
  • Announcements, and
  • Supplements.

See the About TFM section on our website for more information about these types of releases.

Section 1030—Subscribing to the TFM Notification for TFM Updates

Users may subscribe to the email notification service for TFM updates. The email notifies users of a TFM update and provides a link to the updated TFM release.


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