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Announcement No. A-2021-01

Announcement No. A-2021-01

October 2020

To: TFM Stakeholders

Subject: Launch of New TFX Website

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service has launched the Treasury Financial Experience (TFX): Your How-To Guide for Federal Financial Management. This resource is now available at TFX.Treasury.gov. The TFX adds a modern presentation to the guidance contained in Volume I of the Treasury Financial Manual (TFM), along with other financial management guidance, including the Financial Management Standards documents created to support the Federal Integrated Business Framework (FIBF). These resources include:

  • The Federal Financial Management Functions and Activities
  • The Federal Financial Management Business Use Cases
  • The Federal Financial Management System Requirements (FFMSR)

The initial launch is a beta version focused on disbursing guidance, providing a customer-centric experience for navigating and searching for financial management guidance. It offers robust search capabilities and a modern design that scales according to the user’s device.

In the upcoming year, future TFX releases will include guidance from the TFM Volume I, Parts 1-6 on areas such as collections and financial reporting. The TFM in its current form will continue to be available to users, in addition to the new TFX resource.

We encourage you to visit the site: TFX.Treasury.gov.To provide feedback on this new resource please send your comments to TFXFeedback@fiscal.treasury.gov. Users can stay connected by signing up at join-tfx-mailing-list@lists.fiscal.treasury.gov, gaining the opportunity to participate in user research or be the first to find out when new content and functionality is added.