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Announcement No. A-2020-04

Announcement No. A-2020-04

July 2020

To: TFM Users

Subject: Introducing the New Consolidated TFM Glossary

The Bureau of Fiscal Service has launched the all-new TFM Consolidated Glossary. This resource is now available on the TFM Glossary Page.

  • The consolidated glossary provides a one-stop shop for all 650+ approved terms found across the 50+ chapters of Volume I of the TFM and its supplements.
  • In developing the consolidated glossary, terms that had multiple definitions were consolidated into one official definition for each term.
  • The consolidated glossary on the TFM Glossary Page is available in different document formats including HTML, PDF and Excel.

In the coming months, the current terms and definitions within the TFM Volume I chapters will be removed and replaced with the link to TFM Glossary.

Regular reviews will also be conducted to ensure the TFM Glossary remains current.

In addition, plain language definitions will be developed, and an interactive glossary will be created on the TFX website.

To provide feedback on this new resource please send your comments to TFXfeedback@fiscal.treasury.gov