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Announcement No. A-2020-01

Announcement No. A-2020-01

January 2020

To: TFM Users

Subject: Introducing the Treasury Financial eXperience (TFX) project

In the complex world of federal finance, financial managers need information that is accessible, searchable, and organized in a way that makes their day-to-day tasks more streamlined and easier to accomplish. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) is committed to improving the current customer experience in federal financial management.

Last year, Fiscal Service embarked on an exciting journey to reimagine the delivery of federal financial guidance. We are now developing the all-new Treasury Financial eXperience (TFX): Your How-To Guide for Federal Financial Management.

This website will be built as a user-centric resource, integrating information across multiple areas to streamline financial management and provide a more personalized experience for those who use it. We are now beginning to build the TFX site that will incorporate a modern design, intuitive navigation, expanded resources and robust search capability.

We plan to send regular updates (anticipate monthly) to share our progress and gather your input to ensure improvements to the TFM and development of the new TFX site to meet your needs. Join our listserv and stay up-to-date on events, focus group invites, quick surveys, and other activities about the TFX!

To find out more about the Fiscal Service, visit fiscal.treasury.gov or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.