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TFM announcements convey information covering a temporary period of time or of an emergency nature and include a point of contact. Readers use announcements as guidelines for one-time events, such as procedures to be used during a Government shutdown or dates for reporting requirements. Announcements generally are not codified into a TFM chapter.

A-2021-01 (October 2020)
The Bureau of the Fiscal Service has launched the Treasury Financial Experience (TFX): Your How-To Guide for Federal Financial Management.
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A.2020-04 (July 2020)
Announcing the release of the TFM Volume I consolidated glossary and outline next steps (create new page, delete glossary terms out of the chapters)
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A-2020-01 (January 2020)
Introducing the new Treasury Financial eXperience (TFX) project
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A-2017-01 (July 2017)
Mailing Address Change for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service in Hyattsville, MD and Washington, DC
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