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  • … the US Government for specific purposes A Treasury representative prepares and issues the FS Form 6200 Department of the Treasury Appropriation Warrant via the CARS ATM Appropriation Warrant … if applicableliliA contact person for additional information andliliThe appropriate officials signature the official authorized to request an appropriation under the…
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  • … GTAS Entities submit preclosing Adjusted Trial Balance ATB data and one set of data in the form of United States Standard General Ledger USSGL account balances in GTAS for the end of FY … F3885 and Statements of Difference by the end of each fiscal year On the September 2022 SOT submission entities must transfer properly identified amounts contained in budget…
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  • … Treasury on an asneeded basis to fund the Federal Program Agency as evidenced by an approved form of request from the administrator of the Federal Program Agency or other such authorized … the Agency Transaction Module of CARS Requests for Advances are made in accordance with the forms and procedures for warrant and NonExpenditure Transfer Transactions set…
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