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  • … from that federal entity The Head of Federal Entity selfdelegation is accomplished using FS Form 2958DO Delegation of Authority All authority to expend federal entity funds and to certify … Officer Trainingstronga within 30 days prior to submission of the form A certificate of completion is only available upon successfully passing … those…
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  • … GTAS Entities submit preclosing Adjusted Trial Balance ATB data and one set of data in the form of United States Standard General Ledger USSGL account balances in GTAS for the end of FY … F3885 and Statements of Difference by the end of each fiscal year On the September 2023 SOT submission entities must transfer properly identified amounts contained in budget…
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  • … Service may incorporate performance measures at a later date for the timely submission of CFO certificationsspanopoppp classMsoNormal … Scorecard example in part D Performance MeasurestdtrtrtdAppendix No 2tdtdFS Form 6620 Quarterly Scorecard Waiver RequesttdtdAdded Appendixtdtrtbodytable … Fund Balance With …
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